“Take a Walk on the Inside” – the opportunities are infinite in a lifetime

I am on another journey to “Take a Walk on the Inside”, the title of my book launched in October 2016. My almost 2-year relationship ended a couple of weeks ago. My boyfriend says to me, “I’m not committed. I’m not attracted to you and haven’t been since December. I’m not inspired.” WOW – I […]

Orange Pants Moment

When I was 13 years old, my mother insisted I wear a pair of orange hand-me-down pants. They were seriously out of fashion and I felt like a giant walking pumpkin. No matter how much I protested, my mother stuck to her guns, ignoring my feelings and wants. Along with feeling isolated, teased and at […]


Failure—it’s a word that strikes fear into most hearts. Failure is a country we don’t ever want to visit. We’ve been socialized to avoid failure at all costs. Our reputation, our self-esteem, our careers, our personal relationships—we believe they are all at risk if we fail. But what if there’s another kind of failure?   […]

The Big C – Change

Why is change so hard? Most of us resist change, holding tight to old ways of doing things and wanting our worlds to remain the same. Resistance to change can be so strong, often in spite of overwhelming evidence it would improve our lives significantly, we still dig our heels in. In fact, research indicates […]